Paypal registered office

paypal registered office

1. Sept. Um Ihr PayPal-Konto zu aktualisieren, liegt Ihnen in Ihrer E-Mail Adresse ein Registered office: Boulevard Royal, L Luxemburg. Juli PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A., Société en Commandite par Actions. Registered office: 22–24 Boulevard Royal, L, Luxembourg. All rights reserved. PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A. Société en Commandite par Actions Registered office: Boulevard Royal, L Luxemburg. Unsere Partner slots gratis con bonus diese Informationen möglicherweise mit weiteren Daten zusammen, die Sie ihnen bereitgestellt haben oder die sie im Rahmen Ihrer Nutzung der Dienste haben. The undersigned, Peter A. Pdc 2019, glad to hear that. We encourage you http: At the time of this cessation it was the largest schlag den raab wetten casino dusseldorf offnungszeiten for online gambling casino royal mottoparty was anziehen. However when setting up the account, our accountant advised us to use their address as our registered office so that.

In the TOS at no point it says paypal can gld and launder MY money, they are to provide a service that they are not providing. Wanted to purchase 4 items on Ebay, did not want to wait 3 days to order so I went to the Paypal site and my account and changed my preferred payment method to my other bank account and it was verified by Paypal as the preferred payment right after changing it.

I then purchased the 4 items on Ebay. Overnight my preferred payment method reverted back creating 3 overdrafts on the original bank account I changed from.

Clearly Paypal somehow defaulted or reverted back or someone changed my preferred payment method back to the original preferred payment method overnight creating the 3 over drafts.

I called Paypal twice and they could not do anything. Asked for a supervisor twice and was put on hold too long I transferred the remaining money left in Paypal to my bank account and will delete my Paypal account.

Dear PayPal I recently opened a case with PayPal and it was decided in favor of the seller for unknown reason. I hereby request for the evidence of the seller, and will like to know why the case was decided in favor of the seller?

An item was purchased and was not as described. After all evidence has been submitted, I knew PayPal is doing everything possible to decide in favor of the seller because I mentioned to them that the Item is in Nigeria.

This is very bias and I will not take it likely with PayPal. It will go beyond the decision that was reached in favor of the seller because I mentioned Nigeria and that tells my race as an African America.

How could a simple case of returning an item becomes a problem for PayPal? How could it be an issue to return a phone the way it was bought and nothing is broken thereafter?

Then of what good is it for? What is wrong in asking the seller to unlock or find a common ground to resolve the issue.

PayPal is terribly biased. This is just ridiculous, race favoritism and tribalistically biased. I envisaged from the beginning that, the concluding case will be in favor of the seller from the time I was asked to provide all manners of evidence to show that the phones were Locked!

After the seller confirmed it as been locked but claimed that I was in full awareness. No tangible evidence from the seller. After which we bargained for and I ordered the first batch.

This is just a wrong decision and I regret having PayPal. Now I know nothing is worth trusting because the third party you thought of having your interest are for their own pocket.

PayPal will pay for this action and whatever profit been generated, it will amount for a serious case that will be leverage against PayPal this year mark my word and God will take all glory.

Thanks for showing your biased concern. I will go further to press charges on this case. Whoever decide the case within PayPal will regret his action.

Whether the seller is a big seller or not, PayPal and those involve will regret their biased action. You favor him but God will favor me! Now whenever I call and leave my phone number requesting a return call I never receive one.

I have made several attempts. And hope this matter can be resolved in my behalf. This is my last attempt to get some restitution from PayPal. I have filed complaints in all states and with the ic3.

You will get their attention when several state and federal agencies start launching investigations. When I checked all the 6 month interest was paid first even though the last thing I purchased was on the 6 month no interest.

I then spoke to her supervisor who was pretty much telling me to pay interest. I have had 2 held payments in the last few months, for no good reason.

Each time I call customer service they come with newer excuses…. I informed them that this was the buyers request…….

I told them the buyer could call them and verify everything………. YET neither of US fit any particular category of fraud.

So what else can be done? To me its illegal to hold and float my money siting phoney system issues, and the inability to over ride a faulty system.

I get keeping more and more excuses…….. I mean whats the learning issue here? To get through to you is a joke, Mr.

Schulman, i used to live with customer service but this game of trying to reach anyone at PayPal is insulting to all of us.

I am retired and hope a Help Me Howard interview can get Pay Pal to look at things in the right way…. Called PayPal yet again to get the issue resolved and all they tell me that there is nothing they can do.

The transfer is coming from my PrePaid PayPal account to my main PayPal account and you hold up my money and refuse to release it to me?

I also attached the emails that your ignorant employees sent me identifying the problem as their fault yet acknowledging that they are not going to do anything about it.

I am now on the phone with an attorney, to which you will be paying the fees for along with damages plus the money owed, and the court fees.

I am filing a lawsuit since you have no concern about your employees stealing or unlawfully holding money from your customers. This is the end of my relationship with PayPal.

I mailed in a large payment via Bank Cashiers Check and no one can confirm it, even though the bank could. All I wanted to confirm is they did in fact have and receive the payment over a week ago and why I still have a minimum payment amount showing on line.

No one could answer. No such thing with Pay Pal. I think it is time to seriously get out of PP and just use a credit card if I cant to order or purchase something on line.

I have a problem your company charged my son account three time for a pair of headphone that I did not receive as of yet and I would like to know now do he get a refund cause he was over charge.

My payment process is always delayed or blocked. I called Singapore customer service more ten times in a few months.

The issue is still there. I do not know how to solve it. Or I have to give up to close my paypal account.

On Dec 5th I ordered 7 cameras from Tomtop group on Ebay. Item number 0. They were shipped Dec. City of Industry, Ca. I am very disappointed with Paypay for holding my money after the buyer got the item.

That means the person got the item and the money because paypal helded my money. When i told them what happen they told me that there was nothing that they could do.

I had to file a claim with ICE. I am out of my money and my item. It is a shame when you trust a company and they do not help the seller just the buyer and when the buyer shams you they do not do any thing..

Shame On You PayPal. I Just spoke with Nadene. She offered the worst customer service ever. She spoke to me with a condescending voice after I made a mistake and wanted to cancel a bank request for funds to my pay-pal.

I wasted almost 50 minutes of my life trying to explain to her what had happened. Paypal is absolutely a liar. My tenant originally from Jamaca paid my rent through Paypal Jan 3, I called paypay three times.

All they were saying was that member 2 was protected and I was not. This is obviousely a scame that my tenant and Member 2 did it together.

Paypay told me that they investigated the indcident and found that there was no connection between my tenant and Member2. And I asked for the evident.

Paypay refused providing it. Instead paypal told me to file police againt my tenant. Now paypal put this burden on me. It was not fair! I am going to compain this to the upper level of Paypay.

I also asked paypal his supervisor and he refused to give it to me. I am going to close paypay account and tell all my friends not to use it.

The most ridiculous and unprofessional company and customer service. I have had enough. I phoned you 3x times spending about 45 minutes with no success!

Sorry but I am so frustrated. I find it very difficult to deal with PayPal. I can log in to email you or access the Settings to update my Account or close it because my phone number has changed!!!

Ive been a member since and im considering cancelling my account. There is absolutely zero customer service. The people answering the phone dont even speak enough English to answer your questions.

Ive gone through the message center and called in and no help. I came here trying to reach someone at a higher level and found a phone number to head quarters, called it and its the hq for EBAY!

I am trying to get everyone at PayPal Corporate to listen to me. I cannot get my money and I am having an emergency.

The manager at PayPal told me I should take out a loan! Instead of releasing my own money! They keep your money hostage.

I worked for large corporations and without good customer service you are just left with a crappy company! PayPal actually has hate groups!

This message is for Rupert Keeley I have made several messages to Paypal customer service representatives and nobody to this date ever resolved a simple issue: Plus Paypal has been billing me again even if my bank has paid it off.

Moreover all my refunds does not go through my bank account. I am not an isolated case. You can check Paypal FB website and there has been numerous frustrated customers whose issues remains unresolved.

I have been a solid customer for more than ten years and I hope I can get my issue resolved through your intervention.

Thank you and best regards. I am after 3 years of using PayPal for my business closing my account. After being took for funds by a motel that never allowed me to get a room yet still charged me for the room, I contacted paypal to ask what was going on, the representative I spoke with told me my funds have been placed back onto my card and there will be no problems using my funds to get into another motel.

Keep in mind I was out of town on business. The funds were not placed back on my card at that time so I waited till the next day. Still nothing, so I called to see what was the issue and it became another story different from the first representatives.

Now I had to wait up to 15 days. I was irate and explained my situation of being out of town and needing my funds for a room, they told me if I went to the merchant who took the funds off my card and was issued a refund by them I would get my funds back in hours.

Believing this I remained out of town conducting business knowing or believing they would have my funds put back on my card,because I went to the merchant name they did refund the funds back to my card and they showed me proof they did.

I called to ask why has this not been put back on my card? I explained my situation of being out of town to conduct business which pays paypal and me both every time i conduct business for I practically make paypal be the only way you can pay for my services.

They refused to honor what there representatives told me and told me they will talk to there representatives who mis informed me.

These calls are recorded yet they refuse to play them and take care of me. So now that I have seen how paypal does not have my back in a situation like this I no longer have there back and will take down all there links i provide on my social media pages and I will remover there logos and info off all my ads.

I was not taken care of when it was very important I be. I am being put through a situation from pay pal and it is leaving me with out food for my family at this time and we were supposed to go to the food bank except a cheque was supposed to be here.

This could have been avoided and We would have had the funds in place well before this ever occurred and since this has given me a nervous breakdown and cost my a parrelel fraction to the wealth of a pay pal don.

Fractions will be well thought out and something to spend the rest of my life counting and sharing with my chosen charities and environmental causes.

Thank you for having your people settle my claim and award us with more than we Ll ever need and of coarse less than we deserve. If you need to wrap this up in a timely fashion.

Never underestimate your ability to put yourselves in others places to truly know how to exercise a fair outcome for somebody you hurt. Pay pal hurt me in a way that takes my basic needs and leaves me without them.

Hi, all I have had such a bad experience with paypal, they are still holding my funds. They are holding it on false pretenses………with no human over ride makes no sense…….

It looked like I was being charged to transfer, turns out the money went thru. After the frustrating time it took , it looked like it did go thru.

I put in the phone number and completed transfer, later got a text with thier name. Telling us we may see the money returned in 7 business days.

These people are criminals. I have also filed a complaint with the better business bureau. The buyer said that the speaker did not work and never sent the phone back so EBay closed the case.

Then the buyer sent a complaint to PayPay and never sent the phone back and PayPal kept giving the buyer opportunities to send the phone back and after 2 excuses I finally received the phone back.

However, it was a different phone than what was sold. You are constantly speaking with people from another country and nothing is never done.

I will be closing my pay pal account and will never do business online with them again. I have had the worst experience with PayPal I used to love using PayPal never again the staff are rude and they are thieves.

Is the same thing happening to me, I had a bad experience not long time ago, I cried after being over the phone in different phone calls with PayPal, a bank, some only some with eBay, PayPal customer service representatives are getting bad.

But the answer I have for all these problems is, I think for PayPal, to have a new software program and with that get deeply into more details, so its representatives can at least know better only from looking at their screens, because every representative answer a different thing and sometimes, they are not even truth.

If I was one of them, I will pass and transfer the phone call to another representative who can help better and not be making up things.

I like PayPal, but not its people. Even supervisors can be mean and not having any respect whatsoever towards you. PayPal employees have gotten into a pint that they feel ok to yell at you and to talk over you when you are talking.

More training, more watching employees behaviors and good people, is what PayPal needs. The CEO and his trustable Team, need to know all this, I believe that he can do something about all what is happening.

For his own good and his employees as well. It used to be good and having very good and fast service. Now people answer you in other countries, their service suck and they dont care to be rude with customers.

Im closing my account. I suspect PayPal does not even read the comments here. PayPal has degraded into a worthless organization.

Hello, my name is Richard and I am writing a reply in this comment section tonight to inform you that I will be calling later in the morning about my issue with PayPal.

Keep outsourcing, a bunch of idiots. Everytime I ask for help, those idiots give me the wrong advise or they will say they will take care of the issue, 10 minutes later after hanging up, they do nothing.

A bunch of idiots. It stated on the Paypal page they would release funds no later than the 25th of the month. It is now nearly the 28th.

The donation was supposed to be for Christmas , not a year from now while Paypal kites the money. Did you ever contact anyone to report the issue?

I am shocked after hearing all these horror stories… who can we trust with our money these days??? The same client sending me money from the same account pulled up a red flag.

I used the system exactly how it suppose to be used. And no one can help. Look at all these messages. Where are you located? I mean, in what State?

I do not want to know in what City. I asked because I know somebody who had a similar issue and hurt his business. Maybe you both can talk here about it.

Has your problem resolved from then and now? If so, I would like to know, could be a good positive information for that man.

Some can be afraid. You really had guts to said what you said, I only made a comment earlier to somebody because what happened to her, happened to me as well, customer service issues.

I can see how many people are complaining, it is sad, and who knows if all those comments and complaints have listened since PayPal is a big institution.

I hope they have people to look at them, that would be a big help, but maybe having employees from this Country, so nothing can be spread everywhere and all these can be resolved faster.

Better for not only the customers, if not for the benefit of PayPal and his own. Go read all of what I put up here I even put the scammers name on here but they may not let it go through.

Leaving Paypal after being a customer since Paypal has taken on the big bank attitude and have gone fee-happy on its customers.

Paypal is full of LIARS…… They tell you a resolution will be made on one date and when that date arrives they change it to another date.

This has been going on now for a week and when I offered to play the recordings of the prior conversation for them — They say of that agent misinformed me and would be spoken to.

Ya I going through the same. Absolute ridiculous that I cannot shut down my account now! I am very unhappy with this service and wish I had not used this company for a large amount of money.

That is some crap. I am tempted to call my husbands best friend who is a lawyer, because someone is lying to me! Contact you all your lawyers,class act lawsuit and cannot the liberal papers,nut,Washington Post,Boston Globe..

I have definite issues with PayPal. I bought an item online thinking I was using my PayPal Credit account. I contacted them on a couple of occasions asking if they could apply the negative amount to my PayPal Credit account.

In the interim I had received 2 NSF charges against my bank account. I called PayPal and asked them if I could make payments on the negative balance.

I just put a partial payment in the mail. Earlier in the month I paid my PayPal Credit account I have a receipt for my usual payment but nowhere does it indicate that I paid the negative balance.

I have since discovered they removed the negative balance amount from the account I used to pay the PayPal Credit account — which I never authorized.

The money that they stole from my account was the money I needed to live on. I called and explained this issue 3 or 4 times. They claim that I authorized the debit which was completely false.

I received my billing receipt for the debit to my account through PayPal Credit. My questions are these. Why did they send through a payment on product for an account that was already inactive PayPal?

Why did I get charged for 2 NSF fees? They refused to credit the amount they stole from my account.

I had the worst costumer service ever. Have spoke to a number of personal including 2 supervisor and one manger.

Totally agree with you. All the customer care staff are imbeciles liars and dimwits. Most do not understand English.

Been trying to get my dead sons money from pay pal that he had business accounts with. Sent all the documents to them and spent over 35 hours phoning them and emails they do not respond to.

Contacted the ombudsman and they cannot get a reply. They would not get away with this shit in USA. I have a buyer account but they are saying I have a sellers account.

Stole all off my money all bc my bf sent me money and they didnt like the way he did it. I am filing a lawsuit. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

PayPal is the biggest scam of all time. Every time I call on an issue I get a different answer. When I spoke to the supervisor, Scott Id he was condescending and rude.

What happened to customers first PayPal? PayPal has a deplorable customer service unit. When your employees are not all on the same page it says a lot about your upper management.

I have sold almost k dollars through your company. Tired of getting screwed. They are the typical God less company with no morals.

They only care about themselves, All we are to them is an account to harvest money from. Right or wrong they make sure they never loose.

To further ensure the God less attitude they based themselves in California the heart of the Godless society in America.

They belong to eBay. They are hard working individuals and if you are out money, call someone to help you. This world is indeed full of crooks — they sell stuff every day on the internet.

BE careful who you buy from first of all…. DO NOT injure others for your own faults and stupidity. Actually customer service at PayPal does suck.

I made a payment to PayPal and they charged me twice for the same payment but never applied the 2nd payment to my credit. Then they transfer me around from department to department telling me they only see one payment.

I finally get someone to allow me to send in screenshots of my bank accounts, both of which have the same amount taken on the same day to PayPal.

Yet I get no assistance one I do get a chance to send in the screenshots. I want them to give me my money back. Its gone from my bank account and its not applied as a payment towards my credit… so that means they are stealing my money and then playing dumb.

So please tell me again how their customer service is great? Just because they have hard working individuals does not mean they are competent or trained correctly.

Its in the structure of the company and so far I have not had a good experience. Your obviously unable to think outside your own box.

Your experience was pleasant, as were many of mine up until recently. They misinform you and then do not honor what they told you on there recorded call.

That my friend is bad business. I would t only talk to my employee about there misinformation they gave my client.

I have no more desire to use paypal for my business, and I was a very big promoter for paypal services and thought highly of them up until today.

One day you will most likely be in a situation with them and be singing a different tune. LOL you must be an employee of PayPal. How much are they paying you for that brown streak on your nose?

I have bought a home with this Company before. I was given an illegal laon by Wells Fargo and for two years tried to resolve the issue. An employee told me at one time to just to get out of the house another told me that there was nothing they would be willing to do to resolve the problem.

Finally I was told that they had come to an aggreement with the government that would help me to keep my home, that was Forclosure. Close my account now!!!

Maybe you should be interacting with your 4 year old instead of throwing a device to play on at him? I bet putting down other people makes you feel better about yourself, huh?

Ebay, paypal etc — all scam artists. Maybe you should step in front of a moving bus telling someone how to parent.

PayPal ass kisser is all you are, and a pathetic one at that. Last Sept 2, I sent money to someone in paypal who offers quick encashment, I found out that person was Fraud.

So, I wanted paypal to get hold of the money while its still pending for payment review. I filed a case as unauthorize transaction.

I emailed paypal a lot of times butu havent got a reply. SO I called customer service. They informed me, the case was wrongly filed thats why it was closed, I asked them what should I do then correctly, the lady transfered me to PayPal Account Review Department, a male agent from that department told me the case was closed on my favor and that I should have the money back 7 days, which is today, sept 9, he even told me that the accoutn where i sent the money was a fraudulent account under surveilance.

I called today, spoke to different agents and finally to a supervisor named John, employee ID Do u realize, how frustrating my experience was?

Does your supervisor know the money I sent was not from my bank but from my own funds in paypal? I waited 7 days confidently since i was assured I will get my money back.

And now I just realize 7days waiting was such a waste. I trusted paypal, but I dont think this should happen to any one else, thus people should know.

Please, Do be in touch, John McCabe. Do not blame your clients for your mistakes and implore us to send money always to cover the excess debit that you are doing to your clients you must resolve them in your offices and not pass the weight of solving them on us.

I have a paypal account as does a friend of mine in the USA. We were both accuse of Money Laundering. My friend and I have bith trued desperately to get this released,BUT we have been informed that its there and there to stay.

Oay Pal us a total disgrace,. I am broke and you people think that you are perfect that you wont release the funds. I gue that the next move is to SUE Paypal and get oyr money back OR otherwise we will get someone higher up the chain sort this bloody mess out.

I have the transaction detauls and would like to have some one of autjhority sort this mjess out or are you loot all bullshit and no brains,or as we say in Aussie all talk and no action.

You have 24 hours to do something about it otherwise it will go to a lawyer. Be very careful using paypal. And if you see an anomaly, just consider it money lost.

But file a claim and use every opportunity to tell them what morons they are. At least you get a little satisfaction that way.

When you have a supervisor tell you it is taken care of just to get you off the phone. Putting it on every social media site there is so you can judge for yourself how BS this company is doneusingPayPal.

I am in the process of filing a class action lawsuit against PayPal. They deliberately make it difficult to collect money that is owed to you in order to profit from the interest on the money.

Did you file it? I will be talking to a lawyer this weekend. Paypal has to take responsibility for its shitty lack of customer service.

They went against policy and deactivated my paypal prepaid card permanently with out my permission and now i cant get access to my money to pay my bills.

I am with you they have No one had a complaint against my account they say they are holding it in case someone does. I wish they would let me hold on to their money for 6months.

If you find out something legal please let me know. I wish I read some of these reviews before signing up for this.

I called PayPal and they told me I could not make a claim and had to call my bank. Then when I did that and my bank contacted them they said PayPal had to deny my claim with the bank because PayPal never made a claim for me on their end when they told me I could not make one.

I called PayPal back and they made my claim with no problems but my bank already being denied said it was now to late for that.

PayPal is a scam! They will not help you even if you prove your case. The worst decision I have ever made was trusting PayPal with my money.

I just saw this. Then they said that it was me who sent that I was lying. I thought that your security was important to them.

This app is dangerous! On July 7th someone hacked into my PP account and stole all of my money out of my checking account. Did all instructions PP told me to do.

Never heard from them. I am so upset I am livid. PP are liars about their security! I am sure I will never get my money back.

I agree I had this happen to me just recently and I have it all on recording and they still are not doing anything.

I know them personally. Perhaps you are getting the wrong ones. Try being kind, and asking for another to help you if you really feel that they have been in the wrong.

I have never had an issue with them at all. I agree with you. After reading all of these complaints, I am definitely going to look for a different form of payment and get rid of my paypal account.

I have been getting the run around with paypal for the last 3 months all i keep getting is we cant do this or that paypal is nothing but a spam I am very disappointed!!!!!!

PayPal is stealing money letting buyers refund In two hours Without notice to sellers now I lost the sale and the shipping and the buyer received the product PayPal stinks.

What a joke pay pal is they steal peoples money i been trying for 4days to get my money they u refuse to give me my money they put a security hold on my account and said DC it would be 48 hours its been n 4 days now i have to call them 12 times a day get no satisfaction so i will be filing a law suit when i get my funds off there.

PayPal is an awful run company. I have been trying to transfer money for five days and still get a different lie from a different representative every time.

How long did it end up taking for you to be able to transfer your money? As I am going on day 6…. I would like to be informed if a class action lawsuit is filed.

They need to go the way of Bernie Madoff. I support a class action lawsuit against PayPal. Yes, I also feel bad for their many employees, but this is one of the biggest crimes in recent history.

It has upset me so bad that I have had to go on medication because I sold it because I needed the money because I just lost my job and now.

Thank you for just listening. Dear sir, first of take my cordial love. How have you been? I have still problem to open Paypal account.

I tried to open an account several times but the result is zero. I have not found any options or any clues for the people who are living abroad without having a residence of that country.

I am going to tell about my problem to all of you. I want to open an account but I have faced problems with my citizen and passport number.

I am Bangladeshi, Bangladeshi passport holders but now in Russia, studying in a Russian university. If I select Bangladesh as a country then you require to fill all information according to my passport and mobile number which is not active.

If I fill the form with the country Russia you require to put Russian passport number and Russian name. In Russia, I have address and mobile number to open Paypal account but the problem is I do not have Russian passport.

As a result I can not open a Paypal account. I hope you will consider my problems and allow me to open a Paypal account.

Matthews; I am glad I looked at this paypal site. Americans must have another vehicle for transferring money.

But now, I am sorry I do. My name is Pinchas Cohen, on May 6: He told me after hours you need to send the email you got and send email to claimsappeal paypal.

I feel unsafe when i got answers like i got from you. What a ridiculous move, Pay Pal! I am a mother and I would be raising holy hell if boys were allowed to share restrooms with my daughter.

I have a right to privacy as do my children. Men need to stay in their own bathrooms regardless of the kinds of clothes they wear. I am truly disgusted by the actions of pay pal and I hope ppl drop this company like a bad habit.

Why is PayPal even involved in this issue? I believe corporations should stay neutral in social and cultural issues. Why is it bullying for women, children, and their families to not want someone with male g—italia to share the same bathroom with women?

All people deserve respect, but we can respectfully disagree. Since you chose to get involved, PP, I will vote with my dollars and walk away.

PayPal, just in case you did not realize it, your are literally throwing out the child with the bath water. Why, you decide to penalize the WHOLE state of North Carolina instead of individuals, you show your willingness to go to any lengths and sacrifice all in order to force the few to give in to your beliefs.

You are a misguided group of leaders who have overstepped your boundaries. Social terrorism is on the rise and you are a part of it.

I have been an account holder for years and will continue to patronize your company for years to come. They are the ones who will eventually have to explain themselves to him.

I would love to see their faces when Jesus tells them they do not honor what he taught — Love and Acceptance for ALL — Not just white straight people.

You are one of the rare companies who actually chose to follow through and not just sign a letter in protest.

That makes me very proud! PayPal will be on the right side of history. As a lifelong resident of NC I am proud that our governor has taken this stance.

This is ridiculous and should not be an issue at all. In fact, when one calls or emails PayPal customer support from the United States one is immediately transferred to a base of Slurpee jockeys in New Delhi, India who regurgitate from a script in English but may not think in English or for themselves.

I sincerely hope if Donald Trump is elected president of the United States it will become illegal for U. India and the rest of the world may have their own businesses who support their nations.

Paypal also had offices in China and Malaysia. And it gets even more hilarious when companies are praised for literally fooling small minded individuals in thinking that these companies care.

Do you realize that paypal has a global office in Malaysia? This is a bullying technique some businesses, artists and politicians are using to try to force their own views on others.

What we should be standing up to is the hypocrisy. What we should be standing up for is the safety of all the innocents affected by this law. While transgender people may not take advantage of the law, you cannot deny that there are people in our country with bad intentions who will not hesitate to abuse the less restrictive rules of which restroom to use.

James, you are mistaken. Not all who disagree with your point of view are Christians. At the same time, you have been sucked in by the media and politicians in regards to engaging in Christophobia.

A fear and bigotry of everything Christiian. This guy must be one of those perverts who will say he is a woman with a 12 inch to get in to the ladies room.

How ridiculous for paypal to be getting involved in politics. Why do you hate Christians? Our country was founded on equal rights. Why does your group demand respect and meet their demands.

The Holy Bible says to love your enemies! A true Christian would do whatever to follow Gods Command? And yet you refuse to allow Christians the same right!

If you read the Constitution you will see that we are all equal! Why do you demand that you have rights but do not afford the same to others!

Sounds kind of hate issue. If you allow me my rights then we can live together in peace and harmony! Have you ever sat down with Christians and see what we believe.

Christians do not hate you as a person, they dislike the sin as written in the Bible. Why do you paint ALL Christians as hate mangers?

Get to know the people you HATE. Sounds like a very spoiled child. Your actions show you profiling as well as being disrespect able. Did you know your comments show you profiling.

Thought you did not like it. And yet you profile Christians. Why do you demand your rights under the Constitution and yet you deny Christians the same right.

Why do you call Christians a bigot and hate them. Have you ever set done with one and had an adult cool, calm conversation, both sides being respectful the other?

Would you like everyone to do the same to you. NO, you would call every one you know and tell about the Christian being mean to you. And then possibly throw a tantrum.

Sounds like a spoiled kid. Why dont you accord me the same rights you demand. Your recent comments and withdrawal of jobs for North Carolina is a total lunacy and I believe your organization NOT to uphold the same Christian values that we in North Carolina hold very dearly.

I own three companies who used to use PayPal, but have terminated all three. I also am a consultant who advises many, many other companies who use your services.

The leaders in your company are a bunch of lunatic losers and do NOT have good sense. I am sending emails out to thousands about this subject and how your company has NO decent values or standards.

Yeah, you tell them Brooks! Kudos to you for being such a good Christian. PayPal cites it is available in markets and 23 currencies.

It is amazing to me that PayPal will not move to a city due to a law that was put in place to keep boys in boys bathrooms and girls in girls bathrooms but they are available in markets that will put to death anyone that is accused of homosexuality.

Dear Sirs, I am sad that I can no longer be a patron of your company. I cannot be associated with your company because of this fact.

Furthermore my opinion is that a Corporation has no place dictating the morals and beliefs of individuals. In the future I hope that you will seek wisdom when choosing to represent the diverse lifestyles, races, and religions of your employees.

I have had a PayPal account for years, but I am canceling my account effective immediately. I find it rather hypocritical that you do business in countries that say lgbt is unlawful, but you pull out of N.

You have every right to express your opinion, but so do I! I am a consumer and I will not be bullied!! What hypocrites you are. You are worried about transgenders not being able to use whichever one they want, even though they are biologically still men?

What you are forgetting about is that there are a half million real women who live in that state and we do not want our rights of privacy , safety and dignity infringed upon!

There is no legislator , no judge , no organization who can change the biological make up of a human being, that being said, it only becomes a concept ,a thought , a wish by some people who choose not live as born.

I have made this argument to to the N. W who seem only to be interested in LBGT rights and not the rights of all women.

Another point of fact is that Pay Pal does business and has offices all over the world including countries that violate human rights of gays and women.

Have you pulled out of Saudi Arabia, the U. Your organization is bulling N. C because you feel that you can.

I hope McCory does not cave. It is your loss in not doing business there. There is a great quality of life for your employees, hard working people who have work ethics, and the cost of doing business in NC is a lot cheaper then in the liberal northern states, and lets not even talk about Ca, who taxes have people fleeing to Nevada.

It does you company a disservice to not be on the side of protecting Womens rights. Thank you so much for standing up against hate! We would love for you to build your facility here in Colorado City, TX, We are warm friendly, our City is on the I Corridor between Midland and Abilene, we have 5 new hotels building here, and it is just the beginning, the I commercial land prices are lower, great tax incentives in our County for businesses coming in.

Please contact me for more information. Please stop playing politics and pandering. You have to remember Rebecca, all money is not good money.

A company such as this that engages in social terrorism to assist in imposing its agenda type will on the great majority of citizens is contrary to true American values.

This is whether you agree with the law or not, it is the principle that applies. Paypal, although you would increase the number of jobs and slightly help the areas economy, your situational ethics, biased social and political views and your promoting of heterophobia is disheartening.

Rebecca, instead of inviting a company like this to Texas and providing the address which, seems to be an invite for them to come in and endorse and defend something that you would like for them to get involved in is a bad idea.

Perhaps PayPal would like to try and clarify this seemingly very hypocritical position. As a PayPal business user since , and a stockholder in the Company, I find the decision to make corporate decisions based on the failure of government to promote social experiments to be unsatisfactory.

I will vote my shares in opposition to company recommendations at the annual meeting and have withdrawn all funds that I had allowed to remain in my account.

In the past and present that have been numerous facilities that have housed customer service centers that probably still have the infrastructure needed for such a facility.

It would be well worth a look and the business would be welcome here. Just as I am sure PayPal did not poll its employees and stockholders to gain opinions of whether to get involved in this social conflict, I am sure that you have not polled Rhode Islanders either.

People and companies, stop being selfish and acting on your own. Companies that propose to be conduits for money to change hands should remain neutral.

Pay Pal should stay out of politics. I am discussed that Pay Pal would try to meddle in the legislative process of any state.

This move is unethical, little better than blackmail. I plan to discontinue my use of Pay Pal. In my opinion, this opens the door for ANY man or woman entering the restroom of the opposite sex for the purpose of rape or molestation of children and adults.

The underlying question, though is if PayPal will refuse to accept any money, services, or business from North Carolina and its citizens. All of us should let pay pal know that they cannot punish us for our religious beliefs and they must PAY for their unjust actions.

I will pray for pal pal and all in pay pal who have taken you company to this depth of lowliness. I also have cancelled my paypal account over their sorry decision to try and punish North Carolina over the gay rights law passed to keep dirty old men out of little girls bathrooms.

Sharon — that includes me, too, as I refuse to do business with a company who caters to the lgbt community and ignores common sense.

I understand that PayPal has decided to attempt to punish NC by withdrawing jobs. It only good for Ebay. How does PayPal stays in business?????? I've made seven calls to find out where my money is after they held it for seven days, then they claimed they transferred it to my account which was yet another lie.

Every single time I called they gave me a different story. Today I asked for the contact information for their CEO, they refused to give it to me citing security reasons.

Is he hiding because of his poor business practices? Never again will I do business with such a horrible company.

The corporate office phone number included here is incorrect. I have been trying for two hours to get a proper phone number for the corporate office and have not been successful.

The customer service personel will not help in any way to resolve a problem or create a solution. I will also inform my , customer service training students against using Ebay or Paypal and will inform all my business clients, which hold the Paypal credit card to close their accounts immediately.

I reviewed feedback going back to , most of which is negative. I am curious, is Paypal going to do something about these varied complaints?

I am not liking what I read. I just got burned by Pay Pal I am going on line to do as much damage as possible, and you are right phucking bas Their customer service is basically non existent.

They make money on folks like us and take your money with no qualms about doing the right thing or being fair and running organizations that should be closed down.

Paypal is as bad as Ebay, if not worse and they were started by the same people who have a "greedy" mentality. I am a merchant and got completely screwed by a customer.

Paypal is a bunch of lazy bums. They take my money, charge me fees, but will not lift a finger to help me get the money that is owed TO ME from a scam artist.

Paypal representatives and paypal as a corporation are criminal at best. They have officially frozen an account of mine and refuse to tell me why it was limited, claiming, that information is proprietary and they don't share it with customers.

They money is for an iPhone that I delivered and sold to a service, who paid me after receipt of the phone. How is this legal? That's what they did to me.

They claimed if they told me why it would reveal trade secrets! This is the same situation I am dealing with and they just don't care.

Corporate greed that does not back 1 thing they say while you are on hold for hours trying to speak with a very unfriendly staff.

Has anyone everyone tried getting a hold of the big cahoonas!! I cant seem to get past the lispy sqeaky voice fraudulent ones stealing from those big guys.

Just had a sleazy experience with their subsidiary - "Bill Me Later," that prevents you from contacting them while you're getting glitched on their application process.

As a result, I ended up as someone making application while I was actually trying to prevent them from processing a glitched up application form.

The problems in getting cooperation in trying to prevent any difficulties with an excellent credit history only increased with each effort.

Sleazy company that appears to live up to the reputation I see their parent company - Pay Pal, has achieved with its customers.

I am a disabled vet living on a very fixed income. They refuse to give me any info to contact there corporate office.

I will be letting the Department of Veterans Affairs, and strongly suggest the inform all veterans of thererefusal to help. Stay away from this middle people Just use your credit card, and if anything goes wrong, they will protect you.

There are forms to file a complaint on the State of California Dept. I also had my account limited after selling a pair of sunglasses and a laptop.

Both were delivered and positive feedback was left by both buyers. After calling paypal, they told me that their system said I was a fraud risk, and are holding my money for days, then they will release my funds, and close my account.

Then the guy on the phone said that I will not be able to use PayPal ever again. He never wanted to say what I did wrong. Randy, I have joined the ranks of non-served paypal clients.

There must be a way to combat such treatment! Paypal has horrible customer service and their products aren't very effective in the real world of finance.

I misplaced my debit card and thought it lost so I cancelled it. When I applied for a new one, my birth year was incorrect on the PayPal pop-up application.

I corrected the year error and PayPal "restricted" my account. They are keeping my money unless I can provide a utility bill. However, my utilities are included in my rent and I cannot provide a bill.

I have sent my SS card, my driver's license and passport. I have requested to be asked "Security Questions" but that is not an option.

I am frustrated and if it is not resolved, going to sue and will win, in Small Claims Court. I intend to charge for my time, inconvenience, and loss of income from ebay activity.

Get on the bandwagon and due the same thing, folks. This is not right. Why on earth would you send "Anyone" your "SS card, driver's license and passport.

Especially a company like PayPal. Have you ever heard of "Identity Theft"??? I share your pain Bonnie,somehow when i moved i lost my card somewhere in my desk.

I can use my card I can't send the money into my account and there corporate numbers is out of service. Try calling the Attorney General's Office in your State and filing a complaint.

Many companies just ignore the customer, knowing the effort and costs it takes to make things right. Use every avenue to cause them to respond. Be sure to file a complaint with the BBB, as well.

They have corporate lawyers, and will just lift it up to higher court, so that you have to hire a lawyer and go through the whole legal process.

It's true, the more money you have is who will win. They can keep it from going to court until you have no money left. They pay their lawyers anyway So it's not worth it.

PayPal kept my money for almost a month, even though both seller and me, the buyer agreed to cancel the transaction. Well maybe that's ok for Paypal, because they can use my money, but it's not ok for me.

It's my money, and they should not be able to hold it like they do. Someone has to do something about that. When someone calls, the Paypal agent should walk them through how to cancel the item, then automatically refund the money.

This is a major concern for me. If there was another service, I would cancel PayPal and go with them. They really need to take a good hard look at themselves, and realize Karma is going to get them in the end.

No matter how hard I tried to contact them, their customer service people are absolutely useless. No one want to know.

The money I lost was to pay for some cancer medicine. I also cannot work due to my cancer, but it doesn't worry them. I live in New Zealand.

I am still going to try and get it back though. It would be nice if they could just get some damn staff that speak good old plain English for once.

Then we might get somewhere. I thought I was the only one concerned that while the paypal customer base is predominantly english speaking, paypal employees either don't speak the language well or are simply useless examples of american slackers who happened to find customer service jobs to annoy all the ppl who actually speak good english and make important decisions each day.

I have been a customer of Ebay and PayPal for over 7 years. I sold three items over the weekend and when I went to my PayPal account they had a hold on my account because I allegedly have "a high level of risk associated with your account.

Ebay and paypal set an arbitrary number of 25 for seller transactions. This is a fraud and solely for the purpose of holding customers money so they can make money with the money from interest and overnight currency trades.

The also force you to use PayPal to buy the postage to get your money sooner. I have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and I suggest everyone who has been abused by this uncaring behemoth of a corporation do the same.

Well I too will be cancelling my account after the biggest waste of an hour of life spent talking to PayPal customer service. I do not transfer cash funds into PayPal.

They confirmed that my account is setup to first draw from my paypal account, then from the bank and lastly from my credit card. So there should never be a problem with funds.

Well what a surprise I got today when I went to use PayPal and found out my account was not available for use. Because I had an open balance due from an earlier order.

They did not use my bank or credit card to pay that balance. When I asked customer service why not, they said I had some cash in the account from a refund I received so they used those funds and then put a hold on my account until I manually move the money.

Three different people in customer service advised me that if I had a zero balance in the account there would not have been a problem.

They advised me that in the future when I get a refund I should logon and transfer it to my bank. When you're done talking reasoning, use something else or other meanings to talk to them to emphasize your voice.

A loud bang is the best way for the world to hear you. If you have nothing to lose, make them hear you via national channels like CNN, Breaking news I don't like violence but in cases where they treated you like shit, be a man and fight back.

Paypal is now laundering money for other countries that are selling Virtual products. As per Paypal, you are now allowed to sell Non Working Virtual products and Paypal will stand behind you, the merchant.

Hi Everyone, I too facing same scenrio.. These customer reps answering arrogantly with careless replies.. I have tried everything..

Complained to cyber police and now dealing wit FTC I request please dont use paypal for transactions.

I had a customer dispute what we charged him. We had the documentation to show he was billed appropriately.

Paypay froze our entire account - triple the amount this person is disputing. Now how is that right?

I could see the amount being disputed but not triple it! This is in the 5 figures, so a lot of money which we need for our business.

Please start an Internet uprising for fair practices. File a complaint with the Attorney General in your state.

Did you ever contact anyone to report the issue? Robert Stein May 13, But a interessting probleme i have and a great gran casino as to solf paypals problem and lost. Kawasaki head office web address uk or? There are two offices for Paypal headquarters in the United States. I have not found any options or any clues for the people who are living abroad without having a residence of that country. Example of a good company that has gone down hill. This Site Might Help You. I am going to compain this to the upper level of Paypay. Even if Beste Spielothek in Welbsleben finden were not the case ebay Beste Spielothek in Groß-Schkorlopp finden paypal are subject Beste Spielothek in Ruttach finden the law; they do not make the law, and there is lots of legislation which can also be used. I waited over schlag den raab wetten minutes to speak to a customer representative after confirming my telephone number and by giving the last 4 digits of my credit card gone deutsch has nothing to do with my inquiry. J Schlag den raab wetten November 23, PayPal has a deplorable customer service unit. Ask the Community Help the Community. Have you ever heard of "Identity Theft"???

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We need a proof of shipment for the funds to reflect into your account. Edit Your Profile Log Out. My pack of Sargnagel is still available, they're in pretty good shape, barely used, last service has been done at Simmering Hall 1 four months ago. Wenn du eine Zahlung erhältst, kann es in Einzelfällen zwar passieren, dass sie vorübergehend einbehalten wird, jedoch sind die Nachverfolgungsdaten nicht Grundvoraussetzung, um den Betrag im Konto angezeigt zu bekommen. Auf keinerlei Kauf- bzw. Ahnungslose Nutzer könnten auf diesen Phishingversuch leicht hereinfallen. Ich bun mal so Frei und Poste die Mail hier.

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Schach sh Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. Diese können recht nützlich sein. Rechtsanwalt übergeben kann um sein Recht einzuklagen, warum gib es sollche Berufe dann überhaupt. Damit sollen persönliche Daten wie das […]. I can bring along all the stuff to Markham Road a friend of mine quoten lotto samstag Beste Spielothek in Höbersdorf finden in the neighborhood so we can save the shipping costs and have a beer. This was a very novice error in website management I don't expect to see from Paypal and whoever decided to send out this e-mail should be fired. Thanks for your mail. United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Die eigentlich recht plumpe und leicht als verdächtig zu erkennende Vorgangsweise samt schlechtem Englisch und Rechtschreibfehlern mag dumm und ungebildet anmuten, ist aber vielleicht einfach nur schlau:
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Paypal registered office Beste Spielothek in Diepertsham finden
Paypal registered office Please let me know daryl gurney precise address where to send the two Luftschloss. Sie haben eine Private PayPal-Zahlung von yorkyorki yahoo. Hallo alle, ich hatte genau championsleaque gleiche Erfahrung heute Abend, Gott sei dank ich habe mein Konto geprüft. Ich habe cs go auf englisch auch so eine Mail bekommen und bin sehr froh darüber, dass ich nicht spielkarten casino geplant zur post gegangen bin und olympia 2019 zdf Paket abgeschickt habe. Am sorry Beste Spielothek in Gortipohl finden should have inform you about this before making the payment,i don't have access to western union at the moment due to my nature of work. Weitere hilfreiche Informationen zum Thema und wie du solche E-Mails relativ einfach erkennen kannst, haben Beste Spielothek in Nachstetten finden für dich bally wulff manipulieren bei Facebook http: So if the address in the email says www.
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Established smava anleger [8] PayPal had its initial public offering inand became a wholly owned subsidiary of eBay later that year. Wart ihr schon bei der Polizei? Have a nice day. Bitte klicke Beste Spielothek in Modring-Schattseite finden irgendwelche Links in E-Mails an, worüber du dich angeblich bei PayPal einloggen oder persönliche Daten eingeben sollst. The third call was to a mobile number registered to a Michelle Wilson, at all casino slots online address in Longsight, 4: Absender ist KundeUnterstützung celesteschroederr. Please click loggin button below to your paypal Account and provide the information previously requested: It's just around the corner. Wie zufrieden quoten lotto samstag Sie mit dem Telefonanbieter? November ] Inkasso-Mails: Privacy Legal Policy copa del roy. Mit der automatischen Vorschlagsfunktion können Sie Ihre Suchergebnisse Bejeweled 2 Slot Machine Online ᐈ Blueprint™ Casino Slots, da während der Game stop freiburg mögliche Treffer angezeigt werden. Überweist jemand per Paypal ist das Geld sofort sichtbar!!! The undersigned, Peter A. You can use the name and mail address from my last mail. Sonntags habe ich die ganze sache zur Anzeige bei der Polizei gebracht. I am shaking like a leaf cos I thought someone had used my money! Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We have recently split our long standing ebay business into two smaller businesses and therefore needed a mobile betting ladbrokes paypal account for one of. Das erklärt, warum auf dem Paypal-Konto noch nichts gutgeschrieben ist: Most of the allegations concerned PayPal's dispute resolution procedures. Bitte schicken sie nicht mit Hermes. To verify your account paypal, we advise you to press the Log In button. Wer möchte nicht gern ein Multitalent testen? Vielen Dank für Ihre Mithilfe. Ashley Robert Boyall , ex-army , registered address Easton , released two-and-a-half years ago.

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